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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the liability waiver work?

A standard waiver and release of liability is required for all participants.  A parent or guardian must complete a liability release for persons under 19 years of age.

What is the security deposit for?

For all trail Tours a security deposit on your credit card of $1200.00 is required for each machine. For Extreme Back Country Tours the deposit amounts to $5000.000 or $3,500.00, if you purchase our insurance package. Rental sleds require a deposit of $5,000.00 at all times. The security deposit is fully refundable upon return of an undamaged machine.  Please note that we do not charge your credit card for the deposit but hold the amount as a pre-authorisation for security.

How does your insurance policy work?

We offer an optional insurance package to cover minor damages to a machine.  The cost is $25.00 per machine, which provides you with $300.00 coverage for any accidental damages. This insurance option is offered to protect the driver from the cost of minor scrapes, dents and breakages. For greater damage protection we offer a second option for $50 per sled, where you will be responsible for the first $3,500 of damage repairs and then thereafter all further costs will be taken care of by Rocky Mountain Riders. For Extreme Back Country Tours especially this package will reduce the damage deposit from $5000.00 to $3,500.00.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you decide you need to cancel your trip or rental, here is how our cancellation policy works:

  • 2 Weeks or prior – No Charge
  • Within 2 weeks – 50% Charge
  • Within 48 hours – 100% Charge

Questions for Snowmobile Tours

Will there be photos taken during our trip?

We make many stops to take in the view.  You are welcome to bring your camera and use it often to record your snowmobile adventure.  Please do not hesitate to ask your guide to take group or family photos – we are happy to oblige.  We also love to see your photos so please don’t hesitate to post them on our Facebook page.

Can I carry my backpack?

Your snowmobile can accommodate small backpacks and camera bags. We are happy to provide straps and bungees to secure your bag to the carrier.  Alternatively you or your passenger can wear a backpack while riding. Please ensure all zips, straps and flaps are secured when your snowmobile is in motion.

I’m a smoker. What should I do?

We respectfully request that you do not smoke while wearing one of our helmets – please remove the helmet to smoke.  Please also ensure all cigarette butts are discarded safely in the fireplace at the cabin or in an appropriate receptacle.

Is there cell phone coverage along your tour routes?

In general, please consider yourself out of cell range for the duration of your tour. However, we do have cellphone coverage at points along the trail and at the lunch spot. We ask that for the experience and enjoyment of all guests, please keep cellphone use to a minimum during the tour.  You are of course welcome to use the camera function often however if you are a driver, please do not attempt to drive your snowmobile and use your camera or phone at the same time.

How do you ensure a safe trip?

For your safety and that of your fellow guests please listen to and follow the advice of your guide at all times.

I have some medical conditions that need attention. What should I do?

Persons with back injuries, recent surgery or who are pregnant are not recommended to participate. Please contact us if you have any questions or other concerns.

What happens in the event of “bad weather”?

Our trips are not weather dependent. If it snows, we sled, if it’s sunny, we sled. We don’t cancel any trips due to weather. Please come prepared for a day out in the snow.

Do you offer free shuttle service?

Yes, for most of our winter snowmobile tours, we have a free shuttle service from Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, and Field/Emerald Lake to Kicking Horse Resort in Golden, BC, where our tours start.

Our FREE shuttle leaves daily daily and we will come right to your hotel front lobby to pick you up and drop you off. You must let us know at the time of booking which hotel you’re staying at if you require a shuttle pick-up.

Please see more shuttle information here.

Do you include food on your tours?

This depends on which tour you book.

Do you include snow gear for me to use on your tours?

Yes, all necessary gear is included for you to enjoy our snowmobile tours.

However, for best fit and comfort, we encourage you to bring your own snow suit and winter gear (including helmet and goggles), and snow boots (snowboard boots work great!).

If you don’t have certain items – no problem – we will suit you up!

If avalanche gear is required on certain tours, we will provide all of that for you as well.